What is movement direction and choreography?

A movement director is a movement specialist who works with a wider physical language. 

A choreographer is someone who writes with movement and who may also create a whole phrase of set movement material to a piece of music.

Both these titles often overlap as most frequently the movement director and or choreographer would work with a director to help bring to life their vision and overcome their creative demands with the appropriate physical language and movement vocabulary.

As a movement specialist Harriet can work with a variety of elements to enhance the delivery of a range of productions in both the arts and media. She has a strong understanding of space, the dynamic between the actors/dancers/models, and a sense of atmosphere and ensemble. She also works with the more intricate movement vocabulary of individuals, analysing unique movement patterns and mannerisms. 

In close collaboration with her clients, Harriet identifies and works to refine, for example, character physicality, non-verbal communication and composition in space. While offering an outside eye Harriet can find practical solutions to an individual’s needs. Her receptive and versatile approach means her expertise stretch from choreographing an entire dance scene to tweaking the finest detail on a fashion shoot. Harriet has an aptitude for listening intuitively and adapting sensitively to her various clients’ demands.