Personal training

Harriet has been teaching Pilates-based exercise and movement for over a decade working with a variety of clients. She incorporates her knowledge of the body and its anatomical structures with a deep understanding of the language of movement. As a result, Harriet has developed an innovative approach to exercise. Harriet believes that the body enjoys moving and if one can discover ease in motion (with subtle guidance and attention to detail), the body will adjust naturally to become efficient, optimal and open.

One-to-One sessions

One-to-one sessions with Harriet offer the opportunity to provide a sensitive and tailored approach. Harriet has worked privately with a range of clients, from athletes training for professional events to individuals who want to optimise their current fitness levels.

Harriet also works with clients in rehabilitation after injury and post-surgery, pre- and post-natal (with a specialism in diastasis recti dysfunction) as well as senior fitness (improving functional movement and balance). She also enjoys working with older children and teenagers to build body awareness and confidence through movement.

Harriet has developed a movement practice and philosophy for those individuals who are keen movers looking for an all incorporating optimal workout. Her practice focuses on balance form and control, fusing the fluidity of a dancer with the precision of an athlete. Workouts can be adapted to each individuals fitness and ability.

Harriet’s areas of expertise 

• BA Honours in Contemporary Dance, London Contemporary Dance School, London

• Pilates Matwork, Pilates Foundation, London

• MA in Creative Practice, Dance Professional Pathway (including embodied practices such as the Skinner release technique, Klein technique and the Feldenkrais method), Trinity Laban and Independent Dance, London 

• Certified in Visceral Release and Mobilisation, course led by Alex Antoniou and Jacek Kazeberuk at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London


‘Harriet is a wonderful pilates teacher for many reasons – she is not only extremely helpful in helping me sort out whatever problems I may have but she also always keeps our sessions interesting and engaging with new variations on the classic exercises. She helps me stay in shape, resolves any tightness or muscle issues I may have with all manner of stretches and exercises, and she always manages to keep our sessions engaging and fun! This is why I find training with Harriet helpful, interesting but most importantly enjoyable.’

Niklas Vainio

‘Harriet has been giving me Pilates instruction about once a week for about 3 years. Over that time my sense of balance has fundamentally improved, my flexibility is a lot better and, while I can’t prove a connection, my arthritic knee has certainly not got any worse. I judge that is due to better muscular control and posture. Besides the sessions themselves she is a delight to work with and just to see her move and demonstrate is a pleasure in itself.’

Geoff Williams 

‘All Pilates teachers are different bringing their own personality, interests and knowledge to the discipline. For me, Harriet brings exactly the right combination of really careful listening to what I say, observing and feeling how my body moves, and contributing her wide knowledge of movement, breathing and touch. She’s got a great and creative use of language to help prompt my thinking and movement - at the micro and macro level , is hands-on to help give me feedback about what my body is doing, and is also great fun.   She’s happy to explore with me what can work for a range of problems resulting from years of sport and dance.’

Siân Williams

‘Harriet takes a genuine interest in her students and takes the time to build an understanding of her students requirements and tailors the classes/exercises accordingly. Her caring and helpful teaching style really inspires students to stretch that little bit further. Harriet never makes you feel that you can't do it and is a great encourager. She knows what to do if you have an injury or are in pain.’

Stephen Grabina 

‘I have been working with Harriet in one-to-one sessions for several years. I trust Harriet’s capacity to respond to the body’s needs of the moment, as well as setting up a plan for improving the condition of general body health. That is not all; Harriet is always integrating new methods into interesting ways of working with the intricacies and the complexities of the body. She brings into the work a wealth of knowledge and practice: through her extensive experience as a dancer, her Pilates training, and somatic practice, which creates a unique blend of a highly sensitive and highly professional way of working with the body. I fully recommend Harriet to anyone who wishes to work intelligently with the body.

Body psychotherapist