Harriet Latham is a choreographer, movement director and dance artist. 

Grandaughter to a renowned sculptor and daughter to a concert pianist, Harriet found her love for dance and movement early on. 

She now works across a variety of fields such as film, photography, advertising, theatre, music and performance art. 

Harriet’s extensive experience as a professional dancer, choreographer and private Pilates instructor for athletes, musicians and prominent stage and screen performers have shaped her versatility and innovative approach.  On set, her ability to listen and observe the language of movement proves to be of great value to the creative direction.

Her strong creative vision and vast knowledge of the moving body come together to create work that is intangibly extraordinary, whist her gentle manner keeps clients and artists at ease.   Harriet has an ability to communicate between director and performer with a unique language, which skillfully draws out the performer’s best.